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Syracuse vs. Boston College football preview: Q&A with BC Interruption

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If you’re still full from yesterday’s feast, this should clear that right up...

USC v Boston College Photo by Winslow Townson/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange (4-7, 2-5) won’t be bowling once again, but there’s still something to play for on Saturday: #OrangeEagle points and a chance to extend the current two-game win streak over the rival Boston College Eagles (6-5, 3-4). BC runs the ball a lot, as you’d figured. They also manage to turn those runs into points now, though, which is good for them.

Since we’re (thankfully) not Boston College fans, we went ahead and asked one about what to expect in this game. BC Interruption’s A.J. Black (who you should follow on Twitter) joins us to chat all about the Eagles. We answered questions over there too, which you can check out here.

Glad to see one of us had a nice season... If you had a chance to switch places with Syracuse's situation for the next five years, would you? I'm honestly a little torn about the trajectories of both of those programs right now, since there are no guarantees for either at this point.

This is a great question, honestly I wouldn't like to change the trajectories of our teams. If you asked me at the end of last year I would have definitely said yes, but I like what Addazio has done with Anthony Brown and the offensive line, and AJ Dillon is going to be a beast for three more years. Dino Babers offense certainly is flashy and will attract recruits BC will never get but I think Addazio may be more of a long-term answer than Babers.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

You against the post-Thanksgiving date for this game? Seems like it relegates us to being an afterthought every year.

Honestly, I don't care. This is "rivalry" weekend across the country with ‘Bama playing Auburn, Georgia and Georgia Tech etc etc. If BC/Syracuse is going to become a true rivalry, why not make it the season finale? If BC and ‘Cuse can start to both become relevant teams, this could really make this interesting with bowl implications in play.

What changed for BC's offense mid-year? Seems like it wasn't just Anthony Brown that helped turn things around.

There were a few things that changed, first the offensive line clicked. Secondly, AJ Dillon has become a premier back, one that teams can not stop. Tommy Sweeney also stepped up to become a consistent target. Brown also needs credit as well though as you have seen, Darius Wade does not bring the same level of options that Brown did.

What's excited you for next season coming out of this year's performance?

The offense. I can't wait to see what this team can do with another year of seasoning under their belt. All of their offensive line will be returning sans Marcel Lazard a grad transfer (who hasn't been all that great anyways), and Brown will have all his weapons back. If he can spread defenses more, AJ Dillon could be a Heisman candidate next year.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Where does AJ Dillon stack up vs. recent excellent Boston College running backs?

He's awesome, and as you know only a freshman. I see him eclipsing Andre Williams in terms of his legacy he leaves. Of course a lot can happen in the next three years, but that is my projection. He is big, physical, and can easily break away from defenders. Dillon will win BC a game they have no business winning before he leaves as well.

Prediction time: Who's going to win this one and why?

If Eric Dungey was playing, I'd give the nod to Syracuse, but I think BC will win this one. AJ Dillon will attack a rushing defense that has given up over 800 yards the past two games, and give BC a lead. I bet the Orange make some sort of comeback, but BC does just enough to hold on, 24-21.


Thanks again to A.J. for taking the time out to answer these. Be sure to follow BC Interruption on Twitter, and head over to the site as well, for the latest on Boston College.