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Dino Babers clarifies Monday comments, apologizes for using wrong word

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The Syracuse football coach apologizes for yesterday’s mix-up.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Dino Babers confused many of us when talking about how the community handled success following the Syracuse Orange football team’s win over Clemson in October. At the time, the opinion could’ve been perceived to point a finger at the greater group of SU fans and media.

The comment seemed uncharacteristic of the SU head coach, though they obviously came at a frustrating point in the season for him and the program -- dropping their fourth straight this weekend and losing out on bowl eligibility.

Babers clarified the comments to Brent Axe, however, explaining that he used the wrong word when chatting with local press on Monday.

As he explained, he meant to point out the football family and everyone working around the program.

"The fans have a right to be excited. Media has the right to write whatever they want. I think there's an amendment or something about it.

I was wrong. I apologize. I'm sorry, and hopefully everybody understands."

Brent mentions the full interview will air on Wednesday during “On the Block.”

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll speak for myself here when saying that’s a respectable response from Babers and I think we can put the whole thing behind us as a fan base and as media. It seemed uncharacteristic yesterday and Babers exhibits genuine regret for the way it came off. I doubt most of us “needed” any sort of apology here -- a clarification would’ve sufficed. But still, it’s commendable that he stepped up to fix a weird (albeit small) situation so quickly.

When the comments came out yesterday, we said it didn’t change our long-term view of Babers or the program under his stewardship. This sort of quick regroup reinforces that notion.

Given the hype around “year two” going into 2017, how this season’s ended can be frustrating for all of us, and most of all the head coach. While we have some lingering questions around how the bottom dropped out of this defense, I think that’s something the staff addresses this offseason. I’m still optimistic going forward and see 2018 as a chance to further progress (as we have already this year, regardless of whether wins and losses show it).