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Syracuse football unveils week 13 depth chart vs. Boston College

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NCAA Football: Syracuse at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Since the final Syracuse Orange football game of the season doesn’t matter, it’s tough to create a compelling case for the depth chart mattering. But SU still released its slight roster update for Saturday’s game against the Boston College Eagles.

As always, not much different here. Though there are some changes with “OR” designations -- including one at a key position we’re already pretty concerned about.

  • Rex Culpepper gets a second “OR” behind Zack Mahoney at quarterback
  • The “OR” has disappeared between McKinley Williams and Kayton Samuels at nose tackle
  • Dontae Strickland is still listed as the starter at running back — would bet Moe Neal gets that nod again

That’s it.

Obviously Syracuse wants to play to win this game, no matter who’s at quarterback. And the seniors should definitely be getting the start wherever possible. They’ve put in the time these past four years to little W-L result, but they shouldn’t be penalized for the team’s overall collapse this year.

Still, it’s likely we see some more youth on the field similar to the second half of the Louisville disaster. Players like Markenzy Pierre, Nykeim Johnson and others received some valuable snaps there which could pay some real dividends for next season.