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Dino Babers: ‘Our days are ahead of us, not behind us’

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Coach Babers shows disappointment after losing bowl chances

Syracuse v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Dino Babers avoided the “B word” (Bowl) for much of his press conference after the Syracuse Orange lost to the Louisville Cardinals 56-10. He opened up with the obvious:

“They put a whooping on us really bad.”

True that. Louisville put up 727 total yards (342 of them belonged to Lamar Jackson). At conference meetings this year Babers touched Jackson just to show his team it was possible, but SU’s defense did not quite catch on.

Babers stressed the progress of the Syracuse Program regardless of a bowl birth, he said everyone sees it

“Our days are in front of us, not behind us. We are on the upswing not the down swing. A bowl would obviously expedite things, but we are on the second year of a rebuild and are heading in the right direction.”

Seniors like Zaire Franklin, Parris Bennett, Steve Ishmael and Ervin Philips are all leaving SU bowl-less. Babers plans to talk with them Sunday, but was upset this class came up short.

“I really thought the 2017 class would be the class. I’m just disappointed that there are so many special individuals that if that doesn’t happen that part will disappoint me. But I know in their hearts when it does happen they’ll be right there and they’ll be pulling for us and they’ll be happy for us.

Babers broke down the game a little more, explaining how an option defense forces one guy to make a tackle, and that did not happen at all on Saturday.

He also commended Zack Mahoney for his ability to earn a scholarship and contribute to a power five team in a major way.

There is a lot to sink in and a lot to debrief in Babers’ second season with the Orange, but they’ll have one more chance for a win against Boston College .