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Syracuse wearing white helmets, white jerseys, orange pants vs. Louisville

This week’s uniform unveiling shows a clean look that I’m a fan of.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Connecticut Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

After last weekend’s #PLATINUM disaster, it was time to get back to basics on the uniform front. So, the Syracuse Orange graciously decided to wear some orange against the Louisville Cardinals, just to get us looking a little more like ourselves.

Syracuse will wear white helmets, white jerseys and orange pants for this one. While I know not everyone is a fan of the white helmets (and sure, they could be orange for this one just as easily), I’m a fan of the clean look here.

The Orange have worn this combination just once before since the start of 2014 -- last year’s win over the Connecticut Huskies. It’s actually one of just four uniform combos that’s undefeated so far (knock on wood), along with blue/orange/blue, blue/blue/orange, and orange/blue/blue.

Syracuse last wore the orange pants just two weeks ago, in the close loss at Florida State, and the same goes for the white jerseys. We brought the white helmets down to Miami as well. SU is 0-2 with white helmets this year, 0-3 with white jerseys and 2-3 with orange pants. The former two figures are obviously informed by the fact that we’re winless on the road this year.

All-time, Syracuse is 4-6 in the white helmets, 4-12 in the white jerseys and 7-10 in the orange pants.

At least we won’t look like Louisville, who’s probably wearing some gothic L-themed monstrosity.