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What’s college football saying about Syracuse after Week 11?

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Nothing good...

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Wake Forest v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange haven’t been able to get things done on the field these past few weeks -- something that’s frustrated us considerably. It’s also frustrated college football media, who REALLY WANTED TO BELIEVE after the Clemson upset. But since then? We haven’t given them enough real reason to.

Hopefully that turns around before the season ends. But in the meantime, we look at what college football outlets and rankings are saying about SU following a third straight defeat.

  • Syracuse stayed at No. 11 in ESPN’s ACC Power Rankings — a spot they can probably keep for the rest of the year, even with more losses. Still, David Hale notes that the Clemson win feels so long ago...
  • The All-American knocks us down to 59th (from 53rd last week), which is just one spot below Utah and one above UAB. That... actually doesn’t sound bad.
  • Bill Connelly’s S&P+ is not pleased with the Orange yet again, dropping us from 68th to 71st.
  • CBS Sports dropped SU to 61st in their rankings.
  • Jeff Sagarin, who was the only pundit to still have Syracuse in the top 50 last week, has SU down to 56th this time around. Womp womp...

Also, everyone dropped us out of bowl projections, because... I can’t blame them.

Any other rankings notes you see around? Add them below.