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Eric Dungey isn’t here for your Thanksgiving turkey

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And no, we still don’t know if he’s injured or not...

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We still don’t know if Syracuse Orange quarterback Eric Dungey will be ready to play this Saturday, but he was healthy enough to join Zaire Franklin for the latest edition of Z60 (the SU-produced video show he hosts).

Chances are the person behind the camera knows if Dungey was in a walking boot here or not. But alas...

Anyway, Dungey spends the video dishing on holiday #hottakes, Thanksgiving preferences, EA Sports ratings and what he’d bring to a desert island. Of particular interest: He’s not a turkey fan and prefers mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Franklin’s actually partially to ham on Thanksgiving. Both are fair opinions — I think turkey’s overrated, but I’ll have a drumstick. Sweet potatoes are what’s up.

Dungey also said he’d give himself about an 87 rating if EA Sports had an NCAA Football game right now, and would bring steaks and a puppy to a desert island. That does seem like exactly what he’d want to do with all the spare time in the world.

Video’s below. Yes, we’re a food blog and beer blog now. Yes, there are two important Syracuse sporting events this weekend. No, I’m not going to avoid less game-focused items just because of that.