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Syracuse coach Dino Babers reverses controversial ketchup-on-hot-dog stance


NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, this community was nearly torn to shreds by #ketchupgate. Syracuse Orange head coach Dino Babers revealed that he put ketchup on hot dogs and the brawl that ensued in the comments and on Twitter was probably our most divisive time as a fan base since Scott Shafer was fired.

Ends up that Babers heard the masses (the correct ones, anyway) and is reversing his stance about putting ketchup on hot dogs. As he shared with Brent Axe during “On the Block” on Thursday, even his wife hammered him about it afterward.

“I heard the question but it didn’t register. I really don’t put ketchup on my hot dogs. And I’m getting slammed everywhere for it, so I totally agree.”

“A hot dog is mustard, man.”

I’ve already made my feelings known on this topic, and now Babers has too. Whether he once believed that ketchup was alright on hot dogs and now doesn’t, or if he really did mishear the question, I personally welcome him back to the world’s good graces.

For those still on #TeamKetchup, you have once again been deemed wrong with regard to all hot dog decisions. May every Dome Dog you eat be the worst one of the bunch.