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Four Syracuse opponents appear in first College Football Playoff rankings

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(and lucky us, we’ve faced them all already)

Clemson v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

While you were busy trick-or-treating watching the Dodgers win reading TNIAAM on Tuesday night, ESPN was releasing the initial College Football Playoff rankings.

Bad news: the Syracuse Orange didn’t make it. But you probably figured that.

Good news: four Syracuse opponents did find themselves in the first top 25 rankings, and even better, all four are already behind us.

The Clemson Tigers start at No. 4, Miami’s at 10, LSU starts 19th and NC State is 20th.

As a reminder, Syracuse beat the Tigers already and lost by single-digits to the other three (all on the road).

Needless to say, some college football fans were very confused to see the Tigers all the way up at No. 4 given the loss to the 4-4 Orange. That’s fair, though perhaps the committee sees us pretty favorably? Some of the more notable reactions:

On the one hand, I have to agree. Clemson’s loss to Syracuse is probably worse than a loss to Oklahoma (Ohio State), Ohio State (Penn State), or Iowa State (Oklahoma). But Clemson does have wins over Auburn (No. 14) and Virginia Tech (No. 13).

The notion that they only lost to Syracuse because they were without their quarterback in the second half is wrong, however. The Orange were winning at halftime while Kelly Bryant was still playing. And if they’re really the program everyone assumes, their backup should still be able to beat SU (and yet, did not).

But what do you think? Is Clemson overrated here? Are they discounting the Orange win over the Tigers too much just because of one half without Bryant? Share your own thoughts below.