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What would your Syracuse-themed AIM screen name have been?

Or perhaps you actually had one?

Florida State v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

As you may have heard, AOL Instant Messenger (commonly referred to as AIM) will be shutting down in December. This may be surprising news to you, since most of us havne’t used the service in a decade, and we probably assumed it was gone already.

But it’s still there, and will be until December 15.

Plenty of us used the service at one point or another, and that likely led to some Syracuse Orange-themed screen names and away messages. However, for many of us, screen names were far less SU-based. My own screen name was awful, just like many of yours. Suckr4acoust1c checked every awful AIM box, from removing vowels to numbers as letters, and a reference to a song lyric (in this case, Brand New’s “Mix Tape”).

But if we’d all had Syracuse-themed AIM screen names, what would they have been? A brainstorm of some of the best ones from recent (and not-so-recent years):

For myself: D1sloyal1diot44

Sean Keeley: NunesMagicianGuy

Troy Nunes: L1belSu1t1nbound

Donovan McNabb: B4rfB4rftheField

Doug Marrone: BolognaNGator4de

Jim Boeheim: Not10EffingGMZ

Dino Babers: oRaNgEI5theNeWFa5t

GERG: Ithink1canIthink1can

Scott Shafer: HrdNsed44

George McDonald: Bubbl3Scr33n

Carmelo Anthony: Sta7H00dieM3lo


But how about you guys? What was your ACTUAL Syracuse-themed screen name way back when we all used AIM? Or if yours toed closed to the embarrassing line that mine did, what would your AIM screen name be today?