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What toiletries does Dino Babers use, along with Magic Shave?

It’s the day before a critical game? Fooled me...

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Like you, Dino Babers uses various toiletries. And one of those he’s most passionate about, it would appear, is Magic Shave.

The Syracuse Orange head coach clarified a note from Pitt defensive line coach Charlie Patridge that claimed Babers used Nair as opposed to shaving. He set the record straight that he’s long been a Magic Shave guy.

Come to think of it, Babers does always appear impressively clean-shaven to me — though maybe that doesn’t mean much coming from a guy who regularly shows up on a Facebook live video without shaving in (at least) four or five days. But now it’s apparent what helps keep his face looking clean and smooth. I mean, look at that face. Flawless.

NCAA Football: ACC Football Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This did get us thinking, though: What other toiletries might Dino Babers use on a daily (or weekly) basis? He’s never said anything about these products, and no one else has, either. We’re just speculating about his daily regimen for grooming and hygiene, as it relates to the personality he’s added to this football program thus far.

Jason Natural Nutrismile toothpaste (orange, cinnamon & mint flavored)

Orange-flavored toothpaste? If Orange is TRULY the new fast, then it’s also the new whitening product in Babers’s case.

Fast Orange hand cleanser

Syracuse should arrange for Dino to be a pitchman. It’s both Orange AND Fast, and it’s an effective way to clean grease off one’s hands. If we played outdoors, this would be a shoo-in.

Nisim’s FAST shampoo & conditioning products

The Ontario-based company is right next door, and Dino wants to support semi-local businesses, right? “Fast” isn’t the actual name of the haircare products, though. It’s an acroynym for Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy. It’s apparently to help hair grow longer. Doubt Dino wants that, but you never know...

Orange essential oils

Apparently uses certain scent combinations to help soothe and balance the mind and body? Literally know nothing about these, but they come in orange.

What else does Babers probably use? Or which products should he endorse? Share your own picks below.