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Syracuse has yet to win a homecoming game in the ACC

We also have a weird 20-point streak going...

NCAA Football: South Florida at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

As discussed on Thursday, and numerous other times beforehand, I’m a glutton for punishment. So on this week’s podcast, when Dan and I wondered about the last time the Syracuse Orange won a Orange Central homecoming game, I naturally had to go digging for that answer.

Ends up Syracuse hasn’t managed the feat since we were in the Big East. You likely forgot that it was homecoming back in 2012, since we were too busy beating the top-10 Louisville Cardinals as well as a myth propagated by cardboard cutout. But yes, that 45-26 win in 2012 was the last time SU managed a win on homecoming.

Nassib Cutout

Since joining the ACC, we’ve gone 0-4 so far, with three of those losses to conference foes. When we tried to avoid an ACC opponent last year, we went and scheduled an excellent USF team instead.

Syracuse also has a weird streak of scoring 20 points in these games. They’ve actually scored exactly 20 in each of the last three homecoming contests.

2016: USF 45, Syracuse 20

2015: Pitt 23, Syracuse 20

2014: FSU 38, Syracuse 20

The matchup before 2014 was actually our first ACC game ever, a 49-14 beating at the hands of Clemson. We’ll always have this, however...

FU Dabo

But Syracuse has a shot to change all of that bad luck this year, at least as far as homecoming is concerned. When the 2-3 Pittsburgh Panthers come to town on Saturday, we’re actually favored to win the game. Las Vegas gives us 3.5 points (it was 4.5). Bill Connelly’s projections say we should win by near nine points. I’m picking us by 15 (see the TNIAAM prediction thread later), which is probably the kiss of death.

So with luck, this ignominious streak should end this weekend. Most programs schedule easy games for homecoming, but we’re not most programs. Given Pitt’s issues defending the pass, that odd 20-point streak should also fall by the wayside.

If not, you can blame this article (and this writer) for cursing everything you hold dear. May we all be doomed to referring to it as Orange Central forever.