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If your ACC basketball team were a sandwich, what sandwich would they be?

Who’s the Wegmans sub-iest of them all?

NCAA Basketball: ACC Media Day Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

As part of bringing the best #OperationBasketball coverage to Syracuse Orange fans we feel obligated to take the comments made by ACC Commissioner John Swofford and expand upon them.

So if basketball is like a sandwich, which sandwich best represents every ACC basketball school? Well in the past we’ve compared teams to WWE wrestlers, so fire up the #jokesandgarbage machine and let’s cook.

Syracuse Orange - Turkey Club

Classic, some call it completely boring and bland, but it usually delivers a satisfying experience. Mike Waters offered a differing option, but one that certainly fits

Boston College Eagles - Tuna Sub

A solid option during Lent, but once you hit Easter you won’t touch again for months. Kind of like how we end up dealing with BC until the NCAA Tournament starts and then we can go back to ignoring them.

Clemson Tigers - Bologna and Cheese

You might remember this fondly from your childhood, but if you are eating it as an adult you aren’t really happy.

Duke Blue Devils - Croque Monsieur

Look we all know you are a ham and cheese, but you have to glam it up with some fancy acoutrements so you can pretend to be better than your neighbor.

Florida State Seminoles - Monte Cristo

In the beginning it looks great mixed together, but as you dig in things just start to unravel and by the end you just have a jumbled mess and can’t figure out how things ended up this way.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - Meatball Sub

The exterior isn’t all that exciting but what’s lurking inside can be just what you need. You aren’t expecting all that much and then a Ben Lammers appears and you think “This is pretty good after all”.

Louisville Cardinals - Steak Bomber

This recommendation comes from the Invisible Swordsman

Sizzling steak with peppers and onions seems so good on the way down. You just know you made the right’s just the lingering indigestion that you wish would go away but it’s going to be there for a while.

Miami Hurricanes - Gyro

The inability to completely fold the gyro due to an overabundance of ingredients is kind of like Miami’s inability to mix all their athletes into some kind of effective offense. Sometimes everything stays in place while other times Bruce Brown’s just hanging on the edge away from everyone else.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Po’ Boy

Corned Beef on Rye is what you’d think would be here, but that’s not going to happen. When you’ve got a team built around a player who doesn’t fit conventions like Bonzie Colson, then you get a sandwich that suits that nonconformity.

North Carolina Tar Heels - Pulled Pork

Easy enough that anyone can get an A when it comes to making this one. Try and knock it all you want, in the end you have to admit it’s one of the best.

N.C. State Wolfpack - Chicken Salad

What happens when the best part of the chicken’s gone? Kevin Keatts is going to have to blend together a bunch of pieces to make this season a success.

Pittsburgh Panthers - Patty Melt

The kind of sandwich you make when you’ve got to clean out the remaining food in the final week in your apartment.

Virginia Cavaliers - Caprese

Low on calories (or points), this pairs nicely with a glass of white wine while your latest live acoustic Dave Matthews album streams through the porch speakers.

Virginia Tech Hokies - Chicken Parm

Messy and a little bit on the edge, it leaves you feeling full while falling short of truly elite status.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons - Grilled Cheese

Comfort food at its finest, but lacking the ability to be a signature stand-out in the category. Maybe in the hands of a former Champion it can rise to the top, but that’s a tough chore for anyone to pull off.


Those are our suggestions, so be sure to leave yours in the comments.