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What are the key questions to ask Jim Boeheim at ACC media day?

... Or ‘Operation Basketabll,’ because the ACC can’t just use the same names everyone else does for things.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Syracuse vs Miami Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Like all Syracuse Orange fans, I’m a resident of the state of California, and therefore, will not be headed to Charlotte on Wednesday for ACC Operation Basketball.

You’re likely confused at this point because this event sounds like a covert mission. It is not. It’s actually a pretty public event for ACC men’s basketball media day. However, since the league refuses to use “media day” for any sport (see: ACC Football Kickoff), we get Operation Basketball instead.

Among the attendees for Syracuse this year: Tyus Battle, Frank Howard and (of course) Jim Boeheim. Frank may seem like an odd choice, but when you look at the lack of experience on this roster, who else are you bringing? That’s no offense to Frank, either. When we previewed Howard’s season recently, we did see him being able to deliver on some of his potential with a more prominent offensive role.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Frank and Tyus will undoubtedly receive some questions. But Boeheim is the main event when it comes to media availability. He’s already said some things about UNC and the FBI investigation with Adidas. Despite the league likely asking him to avoid those topics on Wednesday, perhaps someone gets him to address them. Or at the very least, manages to incite some more entertaining commentary on another subject.

So if you were in Charlotte this week, what would you ask Boeheim? And what would we? Some ideas, both serious and not so much:

How do you replace that much scoring?

Six of the Orange’s top seven scorers from last season depart, taking 52.3 points per game with them. For a team that wasn’t always great at putting the ball in the basket last year, this could either be a disaster or a golden opportunity to hit reset. Tyus Battle will lead the way, but after that? Frank Howard and Geno Thorpe seem like the candidates that will step up.

Denny's Offers Free Breakfast In Effort To Aggressively Promote Sales Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Which Denny’s would he recommend in Charlotte?

A staple of the ACC-era Boeheim humor machine.

Have him and the City of Greensboro kissed and made up?

He accused Greensboro of having no value as a tournament host (accurate), and the city got pretty thirsty afterward. Has that thirst been quenched? Does Boeheim care? Would he show up in Greensboro any time soon just to spite them? The league tournament returns there in 2020.

Please expand upon how Syracuse was wronged while North Carolina got off for more wrongdoing...

(we can try)

Have you heard from Rick Pitino at any point in the last 15 seconds?


Mike Hopkins has been having a lot of recruiting success at Washington this offseason. How’s it feel to see him elsewhere for the first time?

Boeheim can’t comment on specific recruits like Nate Roberts, but it’ll be interesting to see if he addresses Hopkins’s absence and the success the former Orange assistant seems to be having with the Huskies so far.

How many Syracuse fans are going to pay to do gender reveals at Georgetown games, just to troll the Hoyas?


NCAA Basketball: Boston U at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Who’s the answer for Syracuse in the middle this year?

We haven’t had a consistent big man since Baye Keita -- or perhaps even earlier (Fab Melo, when he was on the court). That’s likely looming over this team along with the scoring questions and it’s something that could make or break the season. Pashal Chukwu returns, and Oshae Brissett and Marek Dolezaj arrive. We’re going to be a bit thin there, though Boeheim could get creative.

Who’s going to try and get him to accuse Seton Hall of tampering with Taurean Thompson?

Worth a shot.

Let’s #TalkAbout this man-to-man nonsense.


Who has the balls to ask him when he’ll win his first ACC Tournament game?



How about you? What questions would you toss out there for Boeheim?