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Jim Boeheim throws jab at FBI, defends Nike

‘Heimer gonna ‘Heimer.

Coach Boeheim cuts down the net Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images

In case you missed it, the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball program had its annual media day on Friday in which the local reporters came in to interview players and head coach Jim Boeheim. Jim said some things and per usual, it was the millennial version (YouTube) of appointment television.

Boeheim appeared to be in midseason form with his curmudgeon parlance we’ve come to appreciate, jam-packed with enough quips to go ‘round.

When prodded about the FBI investigation and the shoe companies’ involvement, viz., Nike, Jim was quick to hop on the defense saying it doesn’t happen at swoosh.

“It doesn’t happen with Nike, Nike has about 80 schools. So they’re not going to influence somebody... the guys we’re recruiting, we’re recruiting against three of four Nike schools most of the time. So they’re not going to help one of those schools,” Boeheim opined.

Maybe so, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Nike was served less than four weeks ago and that Merl Code — an erstwhile Nike rep — was charged with wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy. That said, the investigation is ongoing. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen.

So that’s all well and good, but now we get to dive into the meat and potatoes that is peak Boeheim.

Donna over at the dot com asked Jim what he thinks the root problem is in regards to the FBI’s investigation into college basketball and Boeheim responded in ever-so-Boeheim fashion.

“Well first of all I think the FBI can do a lot better investigating criminals and terrorists than they can investigating college basketball in my opinion,” Boeheim quipped. “I mean I’m a taxpayer. There’s a few taxpayers here.”

How long until we can power through gridlock in Washington to implement tax reform again?

“I sure as hell would rather have them looking into terrorism and not spending three years investigating AAU programs or shoe companies. It’s the least of our concern,” Boeheim concluded.

Pure, comedic gold and we’re only getting started. Happy season, everyone.