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There’s a lacrosse-playing Otto bobblehead you should see

And he acknowledges the 1990 championship.

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You can never have enough Syracuse Orange-related merchandise, as this week has proven. And while the majority of the SU things you own are probably football and men’s basketball-related, there’s a place for other sports’ merch, too.

Especially an Otto the Orange men’s lacrosse bobblehead commemorating Syracuse’s championships.

Best of all, this Otto fails to recognize the fact that the NCAA DOESN’T recognize our 1990 title. They never collected the trophy, so the way I see it, they can’t take the title back. Otto agrees, as indicated on the extensive background next to him (and the trophy count at his feet).

You may recall a similar bobblehead for SU men’s basketball earlier this year, and it ends up that one inspired this one. A fan reached out to the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame following the release of the basketball-themed Otto, encouraging them to produce a lacrosse version. The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame obliged with this be-trophied masterpiece.

They only made 216 of these, so it’s a pretty limited run. But if you want to hang out with a Syracuse lacrosse fan who will never utter the words #FireDesko, this Otto is your dude.

(this is not a sponsored post -- the Hall of Fame sent me a bobblehead, but honestly, it’s just a really cool item that I’d have posted about either way)