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The shirt to always remind you of the upset you’ll never forget

What better way to commemorate something great than with a t-shirt?

When the final whistle blows on a program-changing win, the first thing you want is a t-shirt to commemorate the event.

Let TNIAAM be the ones to supply such a shirt this time around.

Whether you’re go to the library, the locker room or Castle Court after watching one of the biggest upsets we’ve ever seen, tell everyone that you were there (or watched it) with a shirt that screams “WE JUST KNOCKED OFF THE NO. 2 TEAM IN THE COUNTRY.”

If anyone asks you about the shirt, just casually ask them “whose house?” They should respond with “OUR HOUSE!” If not, do so for them. Then do it again.

And again.

And again.

They’ll get the hint.

Pause for dramatic effect during the sermon as needed.

The next time you’re rushing the field following a major upset, now everyone will know who owns that venue. It’s you. And us. By a score of 27-24, or whatever score it is next time, too.

Buy yourself a super cool TNIAAM shirt!