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Syracuse QB Eric Dungey loves statistics, grape soda

This is how you end up endeared to this site forever, Eric.

While we regularly see the business-like Eric Dungey out on the football field for the Syracuse Orange, there’s another side to the junior quarterback, too -- one Friday’s excellent Daily Orange feature digs into a bit.

There are cool anecdotes about how his leadership and comfortable demeanor help bridge perceived divides around race and opinion. And there’s also the discovery of a video of Dungey rapping about statistics and grape soda from his high school days in Oregon:

Dungey, appropriately wearing orange, steals the show with his energy and pure dedication to the bit throughout the video, set to LMFAO single “Shots” (I can’t believe that song came out eight years ago...). We’ve already started pulling out the best gifs from this fantastic find, but it’s unlikely anything tops Dungey dousing himself in purple soda toward the end.

We might have just found a replacement for Dancing Floyd, should we choose to pursue it.

Again, read the feature and get excited for tonight. Eric’s confident in the Orange’s chances, and it seems the rest of the team is ready to follow him into battle against Clemson. If they’re willing to believe, perhaps we should be buying into their chances a little bit more too.