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What should the Mets’ Syracuse welcome kit include?

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mets! Here’s what you need...

2007 MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Show Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

You’ve likely heard by now that the New York Mets will be moving their Triple-A baseball team to Syracuse, taking ownership of the local Chiefs. The current plan is 2019, but the Mets could also potentially take over the team from the Washington Nationals for 2018.

There are plenty of Mets fans in Syracuse, and plenty of Mets fans that are also fans of the Syracuse Orange (hi!). So while we may all be familiar with one another, there’s also this lingering worry about SU catching some “Mets.” Again, I’m a fan of both teams, and I know exactly what that affliction entails, along with our own separate issues too.

But moving on...

In any case, with the Mets coming to town soon, what’s the best way to welcome them to Syracuse? We come up with a welcome kit...

Pile of leaves

When the Mets show up to a Syracuse football game, they’ll probably be wondering why it’s so easy to find seats at the Dome. This helps them fit in with the locals by getting a built-in excuse to avoid the game instead.

Prison City Mass Riot IPA

Of course the Mets know beer — they have one of the best beer selections in the major leagues down at Citi Field. But when they arrive in Central New York, might as well introduce them to the best the area has to offer, too. Mass Riot’s the pick as maybe the region’s best brew.

Dome Nachos

The Mets know food too, but this is just a warning for some of the stadium fare they’ll be in for.


Jim Boeheim Big Head

A staple at Syracuse basketball games, this would be a welcome addition to Chiefs games too (if it doesn’t already make some guest appearances too). The Mets also need to know who runs the city they’re walking into. With the big head, he can keep an eye on the proceedings.

1000* Wins T-Shirt

Fitting in, AND it’s already in their colors. They just need to know how to count without getting influenced by the faulty math of others.


Just to prep themselves for Boeheim pressers in advance.


Introducing them to a Syracuse coach’s culinary tradition that will need to be picked up by any manager of the Chiefs.


Anything with 44 on it

Though we have to ask the committee first before they’re allowed to wear any of it.

World Beer Tour Passport

Tuesday nights get cold in Syracuse, and here’s an activity to warm everybody up.

A Wegmans sub

Just in case anyone from Food Lion tried to slip them some subpar subs, here’s a fix.

What else would you add to the welcome kit? Plenty more local flavors to toss in if we so choose.