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Syracuse football wearing blue helmets, orange jerseys vs. Clemson

We sort of have to wear something like this vs. Clemson, unfortunately.

NCAA Football: Colgate at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Every time the Syracuse Orange face the Clemson Tigers, we bemoan how much (little) orange SU wears in comparison to the Tigers. Part of that is because Clemson doesn’t have alternate helmets, so we’re forced to wear something other than orange.

Same is true for this year’s uniform choice:

Syracuse will wear blue helmets, orange jerseys and blue pants for Friday’s matchup on ESPN. You can bemoan the lack of orange pants if you really want, but this isn’t a bad look at all. The orange actually pops quite a bit, and even more so with blue all around it. When people tune into this game, we’ll clearly be the ORANGE team (which might help with polls like this).

This isn’t a new combo, but we’ve only worn it once before: During last year’s 33-7 win over Colgate in the opener. The blue helmets are 2-5 all-time, orange jerseys are an encouraging 5-4, and the blue pants are just 3-7. We’ve worn blue helmets vs. Clemson before -- including the last two matchups (both losses). SU’s 1-0 with blue helmets this year, beating CCSU in game one. Syracuse has actually worn orange jerseys four times this season now, with a 2-1 record in those contests.

What do you think? Want more orange? Wish we could force Clemson to wear different helmets? Share your own thoughts below.