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Dino Babers doesn’t really see any weaknessess in Clemson’s defense

Dino Babers talked about Friday’s matchup against second ranked Clemson

Pittsburgh v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Before the Syracuse Orange’s marquee matchup with the Clemson Tigers, Dino Babers talked to the media in the ACC teleconference.

Clemson’s defense has “no holes.”

Not a surprise after last year’s performance, Clemson has one of the most talented and athletic defenses in the nation. From Christian Wilkins to Clelin Ferrell and Dorian O’Daniel, the amount of NFL talent on their side is staggering.

“There's no weaknesses,” Babers said.

“It starts with fantastic athletes. They do an outstanding job in recruiting. Obviously, Coach Venables does a fantastic job with the defense. He's got a lot of experience with spread teams from his Oklahoma background, being in the Big 12. I just think he puts a lot of fantastic athletes in the right spots and gets them to play at a high, feverish pitch.”

Facing possibly the best defense on their schedule, junior quarterback Eric Dungey will have to play above expectations and manage the pressure.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

On offense, the Tigers are just as imposing

Possible even more scary for the Orange, Clemson’s offense is physical, talented, and dominant. Against Louisville (fairly comparable defense statistically), they tallied over 600 yards. While Kelly Bryant injured his ankle, the amount of speed and power they have at every position is incomparable.

“On offense, they're a complete team,” Babers said.

“The big thing with Clemson is not necessarily who's playing quarterback. It's the other 21 guys. It's the ten guys on offense and those 11 guys on defense that happen to be fantastic football players as well. They've got a good team, regardless of who the quarterback is going to be.”

As Bryant is expected to play, the defense will be up to a huge task. If they can get pressure on the Tigers, perhaps they can limit the amount of damage done early.

Alabama and Clemson are on a level of their own

Perhaps the overarching theme over the last few seasons, Clemson and Alabama are the two most dominant teams. After playing each other in two straight title games, the two teams are ranked one and two again. Babers believes these two teams are simply on another level.

“Those guys are different than everybody else. Alabama's different than everybody else. Clemson is different than everybody else. There's nothing truer than that statement... That's why they won the national championship last year, and Alabama... has won it so much.”

While somewhat obvious, the Orange will have their shot at one of college football’s giants on Friday.