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Dino Babers continues Syracuse football culinary tradition

Does Bologna + SU Head Coaches = Bowl Games?

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Syracuse
“No. It has to be Ramen noodles. Trust me”
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange head coach Dino Babers has shown us the ability to entertain during media interviews. Often he’s discussing his love of movies or Game of Thrones, but last week he showed his versatility extends to the kitchen.

On his weekly appearance on The Show on Krock, Babers was asked if he had any traditional post-game meal or drink. The coach responded by telling a story about a family recipe for Fried Noodles, a dish he said originated back in 1989.

“We would go buy those Ramen (noodles) and we would boil them and then we would cut hot dogs up and then bologna and then fry it and then place the hot dogs and the bologna in the Ramen and eat it.”

Babers added that you need a fried egg white to serve as the base for the fried noodles. He went on to add that this was what he and his wife could afford back in ‘89, but over the years the recipe has been tweaked a bit

“Now instead of hot dogs and fried bologna it’s Italian sausage, steak and sometimes there’s shrimp in there.... but it’s still the cheap Ramen noodles”

A Syracuse Football Head Coach who enjoys eating bologna. If that sounds familiar to you, then you still remember the way Doug Marrone celebrated a big victory

“Then, honestly, I go home, and I have a bologna and cheese sandwich,” he said. “That’s what I eat. I’ve been eating that since I was a little kid. Its one thing I actually do look forward to.”

If you own a Syracuse restaurant, you should be getting this on the menu ASAP and if you are one of local networks, I think you need Dino on the air cooking Fried Noodles.