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Syracuse football recruiting: 3-star ATH Hassan Hall decommits from Orange

Well that’s not ideal...

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As any colllege sports fan knows, a recruiting class isn’t solidified until everyone signs on the dotted line and THEN arrives on campus. Such is the way of things with recruiting. Still, it’s a bummer when things like this happen...


Three-star Atlanta athlete Hassan Hall has decommitted from the Syracuse Orange football program. Hall had been part of the Orange’s 2018 class for a little over two months, picking Syracuse over Louisville, Georgia Tech and plenty of Group of Five programs. While SU had him as a hybrid-type back (see: Moe Neal), it would appear that Louisville was/is pursuing him as more of a traditional running back.

While the note above fails to indicate Syracuse is eliminated, I’m not going to hold my breath. Best of luck to Hall in whatever decision he comes to, however.

The Orange still have two running backs in the fold already for 2018: Akeem Dixon and Jawhar Jordan. SU has pursued other running backs and RB/WR hybrids in this cycle, but there’s no telling which direction they’ll head with this open spot now. Syracuse still has a 14-player class in the fold so far, ranking among the top 40-50 or so in the nation.