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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse vs. NC State recap

Julian and Corey dive into what went right (and wrong) in a loss to the Wolfpack.

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All season, Julian and Corey will be recapping the Syracuse Orange’s latest football game over the weekend -- rather than waiting for the following week when John and Dan are back on the air.

This week, they discuss Syracuse’s 33-25 loss to the N.C. State Wolfpack, including what went so wrong in the first half and what went right in the second. Uneven games have been a theme, but they’re also giving hints of what this team’s capable of once they put everything together.

  • Syracuse’s second half adjustments paid dividends again
  • Eric Dungey’s ability to get better over the course of games helps SU
  • Orange offensive line struggles are hampering this team
  • Further praise for SU’s linebackers and the impact of Zaire Franklin, Parris Bennett
  • Taking issue with the penalties (especially the personal fouls)
  • Syracuse’s secondary is better than the numbers show, and are improving
  • Christopher Fredrick and Rodney Williams are keys to stopping Pittsburgh

Plan accordingly: This week’s podcast runs about 30 minutes of all football.

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