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You can thank PF Changs for Syracuse basketball’s win over Florida State on Saturday

The chain restaurant knew it would happen.

P.F. Chang's Restaurant Chain Announces Credit Card Security Breach Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

As we now know, the Syracuse Orange earned its largest win of the season over No. 6 ranked Florida State on Saturday. But really, we all should have seen this coming. If we read the tea leaves (or fortune cookie) on Friday night we would have predicted Syracuse’s 82-72 win.

Now PF Changs isn’t one to be wrong, especially when it comes to college basketball. Mike Hopkins knows this.

It certainly wasn’t wrong and pleasantly surprised we were. Syracuse proved it could make plays down the stretch in a close game, viz., John Gillon took over with his playmaking ability and knocked down timely free throws.

And the chain restaurant paid homage following the game.

Cheers to making PF Changs the official restaurant of Syracuse basketball. The PF Changs official twitter handle even earned itself a follow from Hop himself.

You know, the PF Changs Dome just has a nice ring to it...

Just kidding. But if the Nostradamus-esque chinese chain keeps predicting wins over ranked conference foes, we won’t complain.