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Syracuse looks for redemption on latest season of The Bachelor

It didn’t go well last time...

ABC's 'The Bachelor' - Season 21

From time to time, we talk about “the Bachelor” here. Most of you aren’t fans, and that’s fine (we’ve really tried to avoid it as a result, honestly). But there are choice moments where it’s worth bringing it up.

This is one of those.

Monday night kicked off season 21 of the ABC reality show, which has yet to star a Syracuse University graduate. However, there have been contestants that went to SU before. One of those was Ashley Iaconetti, who’s been... memorable.

“Ashley I.” has been on two different seasons of “Bachelor in Paradise,” along with season 19 of “the Bachelor.” While she seems like a nice person, she’s also caused a bit of a scene from time to time, and she may not be our top pick to represent the Orange as part of the popular franchise.

Luckily, another contender emerged on Monday. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), she brought a camel along with her.

Credit: Buddy TV

Lacey Mark, a 25-year old SU grad who lives in Manhattan now, made an obvious “hump” joke that helped her stand out to bachelor Nick Viall in a sea of red dresses (at least half of the women wore red on night one).

Can she redeem the Orange in the eyes of viewers, graduates and fans everywhere this season? Lacey’s already made it past the first rose ceremony, which means she’s one of 22 contenders moving on to the second week. We’ll have to keep watching each week to see if she proceeds beyond that. But a quick look at her bio at least gives some hints as to whether she can or not:

If you could have lunch with three people, alive or dead, who would you pick and what would you order? Shakespeare, JK Rowling, Joe Jonas; burgers and fries.

What's your greatest achievement so far? Graduating with a double degree and learning Arabic.

All-time favorite movies: Armageddon, Step Brothers, Wedding Crashers

... It’s easy to judge the lunch guest choice, though I’d still gladly have lunch with Kanye West, so who am I to judge?

Learning Arabic’s cool, though on a show like the Bachelor, I’m not sure how much it comes in handy. They rarely travel to places that speak anything other than English or Spanish.

Also, Armageddon’s terrible, but thank you very much, Lacey, for extolling the virtues Step Brothers and Wedding Crashers.

Best of luck, Lacey. TNIAAM is rooting for your success since we have little else to watch until lacrosse season starts (/sobs).