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ACC non-conference opponents finalized, is full football schedule coming soon?

We can dream.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Last Thursday, Miami announced its final non-conference opponent (Bethune-Cookman) for the 2017 football season. This was significant because it was the last lingering opening in the ACC. All 14 conference teams and Notre Dame have all completed their non-conference schedule — though Wake Forest still needs to finalize the dates of its matchups with Presbyterian and Utah State, respectively.

Does this mean the full schedule will be coming soon?

Now, it’s unlikely that the Hurricanes’ opening week matchup vs. an FCS opponent was delaying things at all (in fact, Wake probably is). But timing-wise, we could be in line for an announcement this week. Last year, the ACC announced the schedule on January 26. In 2015, it arrived on January 29. There’s a precedent for this being the week.

So what might Syracuse be looking at in terms of the actual layout of the schedule and dates of games, since we already know the opponents?

Some guesswork below, based on both SU’s schedule and others:

Week 1: Central Connecticut State

This is already confirmed. It’s set for Saturday, September 2 at the moment. But in all likelihood, it’ll end up being a Friday night opener. Syracuse has opened on Friday night for the last three seasons -- since they started scheduling FCS opponents to start the year. Bet on it being the same thing in 2017.

Week 2: Middle Tennessee

Another game that’s locked in already. Scott Shafer’s return to the Dome is set for Saturday, September 9. It’s unlikely to move to Friday like Louisville was in week two of 2016, due to very different attendance expectations for those opponents.

Week 3: Central Michigan

Also locked in, but there’s a revenge factor here. As you may recall, the last time the Chippewas visited the Dome, they injured Eric Dungey on a cheap shot. That’s probably not lost on the junior quarterback.

Week 4: at LSU

Dino Babers says the team should really get the system by games four through six of 2017. Well, why not start with game four? In all likelihood, this is a loss for the Orange. But at least it should be a fun tailgate atmosphere.

Week 5: Bye

It would certainly be ideal, no matter what happens at LSU. Plus, three SU opponents (Boston College, Pitt, Louisville) are all busy on September 30 as it is. Seems like an easy chance to get some rest.

Week 6: at Florida State

Syracuse heads down to the state of Florida twice this year, so perhaps the ACC wants to break up those two trips. SU has also opened ACC play at home for the past four seasons. I’d highly doubt they get to do so for a fifth.

Week 7: Pittsburgh

For once, it’s nice to not have to face Pitt toward the end of the season. One would think both defenses will have improved since the last time these teams faced off.

Week 8: at NC State

SU hasn’t beaten State in Raleigh since 2013 (it’s actually the only time they’ve ever beaten the Wolfpack). This one could move to November too, but for the sake of mixing it up (the Orange faced NCSU toward the end of last season as well), we shift to October.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Week 9: Wake Forest

Could Syracuse catch Wake Forest in a look-ahead spot when they have Notre Dame up next? It would be nice payback after last year’s rain-soaked affair. This is another game that could get slotted in elsewhere (especially week 11), but after starting October with FSU, we deserve to end it with an easier opponent.

Week 10: at Louisville

This is the start a gauntlet, I understand. But that’s what happens when your conference gets a whole lot better. Just pray Lamar Jackson has some mercy on us after last year’s drubbing.

Week 11: Clemson

Let’s avoid getting shut out this time. Having a healthy Eric Dungey would certainly help that cause.

Week 12: at Miami

Splitting up the Florida trips is also helpful for this offense to close on a strong note. If this schedule comes to fruition, SU gets two out of three at home, and the other game in a warm climate. Wins or not, the team should be able to put up points to close the year (which should help recruiting for 2018).

Week 13: Boston College

After a one-year respite from the typical schedule, we go back to facing BC on the final weekend of the season. Do people care about this game after Thanksgiving? Was it better off being mid-season like it was in 2016? Doubt the ACC reevaluates the placement of this game, Pitt-Miami and other (lowercase ‘r’) rivalries in the big scheme of the conference’s hierarchy anytime soon.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

So there’s your potential schedule. Is it perfect? Absolutely not (after all, it does feature a collection of road trips we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy). But it’s about the best we can do with what we have.

Hopefully we get to see a confirmed schedule coming out of the ACC’s offices this week.