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Syracuse’s Carrier Dome 48th in Stadium Journey experience rankings

The talk of the building being “outdated” means nothing in terms of game atmosphere, apparently.

NCAA Basketball: Monmouth-NJ at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Stadium Journey released its top 100 stadium experiences list yesterday, spanning a wide range of college and pro venues around North America.

You’d think with all of the renovation talk of late that the Syracuse Orange’s Carrier Dome would not be among those 100 “best.” The Dome came in at No. 48.

According to the article:

“There's a reason that the Carrier Dome has been called the Loud House. Every game starts the same way. Welcome of the Jungle blares and every fan stands and claps until the first basket by Syracuse is scored. From there, you've got the normal ebb and flow of a basketball game, but so much louder than many other venues.”


That’s a generic look at what makes the place special, but it does touch on the building’s main draw: Noise. I remember my own first-time experience at the Dome for a basketball game, and the wall of sound that came at you was deafening. The loudest game I’ve ever been to — any sport — was when Syracuse almost completed a 24-point comeback vs. Wichita State (and would’ve if not for a missed dunk by Demetris Nichols).

The renovation discussions are centered around fixing things like concessions, seats, and technology. Those are fine. And as long as the presumed hard-top on the structure doesn’t alter the noise advantage we’ve created for ourselves, it’ll largely be the same place we’ve known for decades.

SU’s Dome wasn’t the only ACC venue to make the list, as you might’ve expected, but it does appear higher than any other one. Florida State baseball’s Dick Howser Stadium is next at 60th, followed by Doak Campbell Stadium (for football) at 72nd. And that’s it. No Cameron Indoor (Duke) or Dean Dome (North Carolina) or Memorial Stadium (Clemson) to be had.

In some ways, that’s weird, and probably creates some warranted debate. In others, I’m glad that our building triumphed over those more-heralded venues, even if our teams haven’t been able to beat those conference foes on the field of play this year.

Check out the full list, and if you feel like showing off, share how many of the top 100 you’ve been to in the comments.