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Syracuse Orange (10-7) vs. Boston College Eagles (9-8) GameThread

We actually going to beat BC this time?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange (10-7) (2-2) lost to the Boston College Eagles (9-8) (2-2) two weeks ago, which set a terrible tone for ACC play. SU's rebounded a bit since, but they'll still need every win they can find for the rest of the season. If they can't beat BC for a second straight matchup, who knows what horrors await the Orange as the rest of the conference schedule unfolds.

The game starts at 4 p.m. ET at the Carrier Dome -- a place many of you will probably be today. If you'd like to watch, you'll be able to do that on RSN (YES Network for a lot of folks in and around New York).

Before the game starts, you also may want to do some reading about what we're up against:

Leave your pre-, in- and post-game comments below. G'ORANGE!