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Syracuse vs. Boston College basketball preview: Q&A with BC Interruption

Can we please not lose to Boston College... again?

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And it will be unequivocally cold in Syracuse this Saturday when Boston College comes to town, because Syracuse, New York. Not to be mistaken with Syracuse, Kansas. Common misconception.

Anywhosers, the Orange are looking to rebound at home after suffering defeat to Boston College on New Years Day, which was likely BC’s ceiling. You may have recalled our first Q&A with Arthur Bailin in anticipation of the first meeting. We caught up with him again to preview Saturday’s contest, so let’s dive in.

TNIAAM: Boston College took the first game by 15 points in somewhat surprising fashion. Was the fan base at all surprised on your end?

Arthur Bailin: I think there's an element of this team being beyond surprise due to its inconsistency. One thing that the beginning of ACC play has shown is that the Eagles can play with any team in the league so long as they bring their A game. That qualifier is important. Was there an element of surprise? Sure. But I think there's a prevailing thought that this team is capable of those types of wins.

TNIAAM: What was the overall reaction from the first game?

AB: A sigh of relief. The fact that BC wasn't going to go winless again is a big thing for the program. I can't underscore how important it was to get over that hump.

TNIAAM: How good is Ky Bowman? Do you think he has a repeat performance against Syracuse?

AB: When he's on, Ky Bowman can straight up ball. He's probably one of the better offensive players I've seen at BC during my time as an undergrad, and I truly mean that. He's a threat inside, but he also has incredible range.

It'd be hard to have a repeat performance against Syracuse, simply because he had such a good game, but he certainly has to be a player to keep an eye on.

TNIAAM: Will BC change its approach at all to this game? If it ain't broke...

AB: I'd say don't fix it. Not for nothing, but shooting the lights out and limiting turnovers have been a winning formula for the Eagles in other games too, so I'd be shocked if there's a different game plan.

TNIAAM: Conversely, what do you think Syracuse will look to exploit against BC?

Outside of Bowman and Jerome Robinson, the team can be very inconsistent. Focus on A.J. Turner, Connar Tava and MO Jeffers. If they're on, they can be problems too, but they at least have more problems with inconsistency.

TNIAAM: BC wins if...

BC can shoot well in the Carrier Dome, and the free throw shooting is a strength like in its game against NC State.

Thanks, Arthur! Be sure to not visit for our preview and more coverage of Saturday’s game. Let’s reclaim what’s rightfully ours, shall we? #OrangeEagle