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Our favorite Dino Babers moments from the ESPN Coaches’ Film Room

The Syracuse Orange coach was on his game all evening.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

As you’re already aware, Syracuse Orange football coach Dino Babers was in attendane at the ESPN Coaches’ Film Room last night. The broadcast, which aired on ESPNEWS, followed the game along with six FBS coaches. Along with Babers, other attendees included Steve Addazio (Boston College), Dave Doeren (NC State), Mike McIntyre (Colorado), Matt Rhule (Baylor) and Kelani Sitake (BYU). At halftime, most folks had a sense of the room, and the “power rankings” largely stayed intact afterward:

Rhule, who had a prime seat right in front of the camera, was positioned well to guide the proceedings, and did so while remaining good-humored too. Babers was seated right next to him, and the back-and-forth between the two offensive-minded coaches stole the show at various points. McIntyre, also seated on their side, was a similarly engaging personality throughout.

On the opposite side of the table, the other three were a bit more reserved, though Addazio did attempt to use his own seat (at the front) to be more vocal. Sitake was quieter, as was Doeren, whose top contribution may have been blowing his nose into a hot mic in the second half.

As for Babers, when he wasn’t noting that BYU’s linemen are older than everyone else’s (Cougars players go on two-year faith-based missions before suiting up), he was anxious for both Alabama and Clemson to push the tempo. His best quote may have come in the closing minutes:’s Nate Mink also pointed out two more favorites in his own recap — Babers calling Clemson’s Ben Boulware “WWF” for his suplex vs. the Orange back in November, and his remark that “officials are big in the Big 12.” He also noted that the Big 12’s officials were fast, and that the ACC’s were catching up. If you feel like reading into it, that very well could be a quick nod to #CHAINGHAZI in September.

One of the other takeaways was the beverage preferences for all of the coaches, Babers included. These selections shouldn’t surprise. Also note that “Montgomery” is supposed to be “McIntyre” in the tweet below.

OF COURSE Addazio drink milk (how else are you going to #BEADUDE?). Babers seems like a wine guy, and Rhule is probably one of the few college football coaches to regularly enjoy craft beer.

Babers and Rhule also requested coffee multiple times, which seems to fit their personalities. The two most high-energy guests were also the most assisted by caffeine. It’s probably a good thing that now-Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck and his persona as a 6-foot-tall can of Red Bull wasn’t there too. It may have derailed the entire event.


Enjoyable stuff from Babers, who was one of the three ACC coaches on the panel quick to push some #goacc pride the second Clemson won. Syracuse’s ESPN ties (thanks, John Wildhack!) and proximity to Bristol, Conn. are huge benefits for the program. Having a personality like Babers appear as regularly as he has — between the Virginia Tech video and this, alone -- probably does more for recruiting than any of the marquee opponent beatdowns we’ve dealt with in the last decade.