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Syracuse Bachelor Update: No Rose Ceremony means Lacey’s safe for now

No news is good news?

ABC's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - Season 14

When we last left Syracuse grad Lacey Mark on “The Bachelor,” she was riding a camel into the hearts of viewers everywhere. She also secured a rose at the season’s first rose ceremony, putting her through to this week’s proceedings.

On Monday night’s episode, she didn’t play a huge role, other than playing jealous bride’s maid during the group date and managing to kiss bachelor Nick Vail — as many of the contestants also did throughout the two-hour program. Lacey also chatted with this season’s worst human alive, Corinne, whose accolades during the episode included:

  • An impassioned speech about things getting “tough”
  • Tripling back for time with Nick during the cocktail party portion of the group date
  • Instigating arguments about who has problems with her
  • Saying words three times in a row
  • Taking off her top in the pool, because of course
  • Demanding a NSFW photo shoot in front of the cameras and the other women
  • Winning the photo competition
  • Getting a rose despite all of this

The fact that Lacey was able to sit through any sort of discussion with Corinne deserves a rose in and of itself. Of course, that would’ve required the show to actually have a ceremony this week...

Things were put off because a) Chris Harrison enjoys himself a good cliffhanger, and b) Liz decided to make her and Nick’s history (they hooked up at Bachelor fam Tanner and Jade’s wedding last year) a bit more public. What could’ve been a fun date at Los Angeles’ Museum of Broken Relationships instead turned into very awkward confessional from Liz. That led to an eventual, pointed conversation between her and Nick, and then finally, her dismissal from the show.

Nick, being a pretty nice guy, told all of the women about his and Liz’s one-night past. Despite him sending her home, they appeared very up in arms. The previews for next week also show more of the same.


We’ll know Lacey’s fate in the first 30 minutes or so of next week’s episodes. Then it’s likely Harrison continues running things this way for the remainder of the season, with ceremonies and then jumping into the episode’s action.

Anything else worthwhile from Lacey’s parts of “The Bachelor” or any other contestants’ contributions? Share below.