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Syracuse vs. Boston College Q&A with BC Interruption

For the Orange Eagle trophy.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Boston College Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

With Syracuse officially tipping off ACC play against Boston College today, we caught up with our old friends at BC Interruption to preview the game. Arthur Bailin was kind enough to answer some of our questions. Let’s dive in.

TNIAAM: So BC seems improved from a season ago, what's changed?

Arthur Bailin: I think there are a few things that the Eagles have improved on. For one thing, I think their starting five is more complete than last year. With the addition Connar Tava, the Eagles have an actual 4, instead of a player playing out of position. Another reason is an improvement with the guards. Ky Bowman, in my opinion, is a step up from Eli Carter. He's begun to emerge as a scoring threat that the Eagles desperately needed, and he seems to be running the point well. Jerome Robinson also has really developed into a bonafide ACC shooting guard. He's going to be tough to shut down.

TNIAAM: Do you think this team will have more to look forward to this year aside from going out to eat?

AB: I don't think anyone can mistake this team for a contender for anything. But I do think this team has a couple of conference wins in them. One thing that BC didn't have last year that it has this year is a win against a major program. This year they have two. This means they can play with the big boys, and while, again, no one should confuse this team with a contender, the team is going to compete.

TNIAAM: Who on BC could really bust up the Syracuse zone this year?

AB: Ky Bowman has begun to find that he is best when he drives with reckless abandon, so he might be someone to look at for. Beyond the arc, A.J. Turner has begun to find his stroke, so he can be a threat as well.

TNIAAM: What's the goal for this year's squad?

AB: Improvement is the key word for the program last year. If this team can get to four in-conference wins, I think a lot of people will be happy.

TNIAAM: BC wins if...

AB: The Eagles find their stroke beyond the arc, shoot well early and often, defend well, and they hit their free throws (please god, hit your free throws).

TNIAAM: Syracuse wins if...

AB: Bowman and Robinson get cold, and the defense can't stop the Orange attack.

TNIAAM: Ultimate prediction time. Who wins?

AB: The problem with the Eagles is that they are so hard to predict, because they are so inconsistent. One game they struggle to put a team like Sacred Heart away, the next they dominate Providence. I predicted 70-66 BC on our prediction page so I'll stick with that, but it can easily go the other way.


Thank, Arthur! Be sure to head over to BC Interruption to see our Q&A amongst other game preview material. What do you think, Orange Nation? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.