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Your jokes are dead: Carrier Dome renovations will include air conditioning

Long-time fodder for the lazy, your jokes about the Carrier Dome lacking AC will soon be a thing of the past.

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you’re used to it. During Syracuse Orange football season, especially, television announcers welcome you to the Carrier Dome and then mention it doesn’t have air conditioning. Opposing fans bring similar jokes. This has been going on for quite a long time.

Soon, however, your jokes will be dead, per News Channel 9’s Steve Infanti:

That’s right. You can now cross that AND less-than-comfortable seats off your list, people digging for excuses not related to raking leaves. PROGRESS!

Hearing it from Pete Sala, who’s been front-and-center on all the Dome renovation talk since day one, means it’s definitely happening. So, other than the lack of jokes and excuses, what does this mean?

  • You can now dress weather-appropriately when going to the Dome all year
  • Clemson fans can now unequivocally claim the humidity title from us
  • Virginia Tech basketball coach Buzz Williams will have one less suit to burn post-season
  • Heat won’t be a detriment to Orange football going as fast as advertised
  • It’s one less “advantage” for SU at the Dome

For those that forgot, here’s what the Dome renovation renderings showed us back in June, as part of the larger campus framework changes.


Love the move? Hate the move? #RIPJokes? Share any and all thoughts below.