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Get to know your Orange Runners: Stephanie Bitcon and Philo Germano

Today we look at two more returning members from the Syracuse Orange 2015 NCAA squads

The Syracuse Orange are preparing for this weekend’s Spiked Shoe Invitational, and today we look at two returning members from last year’s 2015 NCAA squads. Both Stephanie Bitcon and Philo Germano. This year, alums and have contributed their thoughts as we look at the anticipated top 10 from the men’s and women’s squads.

Stephanie Bitcon (left) is looking to hold onto a top 7 spot for the Orange
Brian Vasey

Name: Stephanie Bitcon

Year: Junior

Hometown: Wayne, NJ

High School: Wayne Hills

2015 Performances:

NCAA Championships- 208th place

NCAA Northeast Regional- 64th place

ACC Championships- 38th place

Wisconsin Meet of Champions- 172th place

Coast-to-Coast Battle- 52nd place

Spiked Shoe Invitational- 10th place

Harry Lang Invitational- 4th place

Margo Malone Says:

Steph is great at routine and calm in her pre-race approach. She runs with poise and control. After two years of running for the program, Steph is ready to help lead by example.

Kevin’s Preview:

Stephanie might not be a top 7 runner for the Orange this Fall, but if she can repeat her 2015 ACC performance she will push the newcomers to be faster. The season is long and having runners who have competed in ACC and NCAA Championship races is important, so her leadership will be valuable to the squad.

Philo Germano’s finish clinched Syracuse’s title in 2015
Brian Vasey

Name: Philo Germano

Year: Junior

Hometown: Albany, NY

High School: Albany

2015 Performances:

NCAA Championships- 39th place

NCAA Northeast Regional- 15th place

ACC Championships- 15th place

Wisconsin Meet of Champions- 89th place

Coast-to-Coast Battle- 16th place

Spiked Shoe Invitational- 16th place

Martin Hehir Says:

The unsung hero of last year's National Title, Philo is another big leader on the team. He has shown that putting your head down, not complaining, and grinding out the work will turn a good runner into a great runner. He always puts the team first and keeps the group focused on NCAA Title #2.

Kevin’s Preview:

Philo’s final 2k, and finishing kick, in last year’s NCAA Championships clinched the team title for the Orange. This year he’s back as one of the team leaders and he’s definitely got the SU runners focusing on 2016, and not resting on last year’s laurels. Philo’s work ethic has certainly been noticed by his teammates and he’s poised to have a big season.