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Syracuse football: All-orange uniforms announced for #OrangeOut vs. Louisville

This shouldn’t surprise.

We’ve known for awhile that the Syracuse Orange had dubbed this Friday’s matchup with the Louisville Cardinals an #OrangeOut. Thankfully, the uniforms they’ll be wearing for the game reflect the promotion pretty accurately:

This is the second straight game SU is wearing the orange jerseys this season, and third in a row dating back to the finale vs. Boston College last year. Last week, they wore blue helmets and blue pants with those orange jerseys. SU wore the all-orange look three different times in 2015, resulting in wins over Wake Forest and BC, and a road loss to USF.

Overall, the orange uniform elements have given us a mixed bag of results, though take them with a grain of salt given the team’s 8-17 record since this uniform set was introduced. Syracuse is 5-12 with orange helmets, 3-1 with orange jerseys and 4-5 in orange pants since the start of 2014.

With the #OrangeIsTheNewFast branding, it would make sense that the team wears its sharp orange jerseys more often this season to coincide with the new era. Under DOCTOR Gross, this would’ve been a perfect opportunity to wear all-PLATINUM. But luckily we’ve moved on from those days of painfully avoiding obvious branding opportunities.

For those curious, Louisville is actually going color-block as well this Friday, though they’ll be wearing all-white. Should make for a pretty interesting visual that I can’t recall seeing previously.


On a slightly related note, (runs Syracuse’s e-commerce) reduced SU’s jersey prices by 30 percent this week, which is “typically” indicative of new merchandise replacing it. Could the orange jerseys FINALLY be en route to consumers for purchase? Wild speculation could mean yes. Or maybe it’s just a temporary ploy to move merchandise around the season. We’ll hopefully find out soon enough.