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Syracuse vs. Louisville: Dino Babers would appreciate the pleasure of your company Friday

Dino reminded Syracuse fans that he’d really, really like to see them in orange during the Louisville game.

NCAA Football: Colgate at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As you well know, this Friday’s game between the Syracuse Orange and Louisville Cardinals is an Orange-Out. There’s an official t-shirt and everything. With attendance for the Colgate game being a bit iffy, head coach Dino Babers really wants to make sure there are as many orange-hued butts in those seats when the high-powered Cardinals come to town and said so during his Monday presser.

"I thought it was kind of loud, and we've got room for another 18-19,000 people to get in there," Babers said. "I think it can get really loud.

"We need all the fans to show up in orange, and we need to see a sea of orange out there. Loud when Lamar and Louisville have the ball and quiet when we have the football.

"If we can get that, it'll be a heck of a home-field advantage, and we're going to need all the help we can."

I totally feel Dino here when he points out that he wants the Dome rockin’ when Louisville has the ball but quieter than Jim Boeheim’s family when NCIS is on when Syracuse has the ball. Given our propensity for The Wave and whatever that god awful Sound Wave idea was last Friday, we need reminding from time to time.

Dino also talked about how he’s still working out how certain guys fit into the lineup, with a few of them still expected to see action at different positions throughout the course of a game.

"One of the big misnomers with coaches is they get locked into certain guys can only do certain things," Babers said.

"We're looking for guys that have certain skills and regardless of their position, if they have that skill, and it's a play in which he can utilize that skill, then we'll do that."

Against Colgate, linebackers Jonathan Thomas and Marqez Hodge worked the defensive line for a few snaps while defensive end Kenneth Ruff showed up as an upback at one point on the offense.