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Dear Nunesy: What if my significant other hates orange?

You’ve got life questions, we’ve got answers.

Louisville v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Welcome to Dear Nunesy, a new Friday column where we try to answer the questions that keep you up at night in the hope of making it easier to be a Syracuse Orange fan.

Last week, we piggybacked onto a question posed to Ted & Amy about whether or not it was okay to skip your brother’s wedding if he had the gall to schedule it on the same day as a Syracuse game. This week, we put the call out to you to see what questions you might have that need answering.

I speak from experience when I saw you are not alone. There are some people in this world, crazy as it may seem, who dislike the color orange. Or at least think it’s a “sometimes” color, not a “you’ve worn that shirt three days in a row what’s wrong with you” color.

Personally, I’ve got a limit of three orange shirts I’m allowed at any given time. If a new one arrives, one of the old ones has to go. Life is not always fair but you make the most of it.

While I understand your frustration, I feel like there’s a compromise to be had here. Syracuse makes blue shirts, can she wear one of those from time to time? There’s some orange involved but it’s more of an accent color. Sometimes, life is about compromise.

If she says she wants to wear a platinum shirt, consult an attorney.

Surely there logical reason is to help prevent spillage but, yeah, it certainly makes for a weird look when you’ve got a beer in the same kind of container as your $6 Pepsi. Anyone who doesn’t immediately take the lid off as soon as they sit down needs a talking to. And if you do see anyone drinking their beer out of a straw, please consult an attorney.

I’d tell you that you obviously need to get him an orange jersey but....nevermind.

Buying a jersey for a kid requires a little bit of thinking ahead. You don’t want to get a jersey for GENERIC COLLEGE ATHLETE who will be gone in a couple months. You need to get some mileage out of this. So look for a jersey that JUST SO HAPPENS to correspond to the number of GENERIC COLLEGE ATHLETE who is probably going to still be here for at least another year. So yeah I think you might want to look at QB #2 or WR #3. If you really want to get ballsy, take a chance on P #35.

If one of the GENERIC COLLEGE ATHLETES demands some percentage of the money SU earns from the purchase of this jersey, please consult an attorney.