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Looks like Syracuse Basketball has the new Nike uniforms this season

Same look, different material

John Gillon III

Earlier on Thursday, Ohio State head coach Thad Matta modeled some new duds from Nike.

Now why does that remind me of something......oh right!

Anyway, Ohio State has new uniforms from Nike that don’t look differently in terms of name and number but are cut differently to hug player bodies tighter, made of “high performance lightweight material.” They’re similar to the kind of uniforms Team USA wore in the 2016 Olympics.

And judging by some photos John Gillon posted in an Instagram Story, it looks like Syracuse will have the new unis as well.

John Gillon III

Like the OSU uniform, the name and number look the same, but you can see how the shoulder straps are slimmer and the top of the jersey is a skinnier fit. There’s also some meshing going on that wasn’t there before.

The Olympics uniforms were described as having “engineered knit mesh in the back with a hydrophobic four-way stretch woven fabric in the front.”

Looking at the photos ops that Syracuse released today, the full uniform certain seems to bear this out.

We’ll wait to see the official reveal, but it’s always good for Syracuse to be included in the club when it comes to the latest uniform designs.