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Oh God, is Syracuse going to wear platinum vs. Notre Dame?

SU still hasn’t said what uniform it’s wearing on Saturday and now we’re scared.

Notre Dame v Syracuse Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

In the first four weeks of the 2016 season, we’ve known what the Syracuse Orange football team was going to wear by now. They usually make the announcement on Wednesday, followed by some of us saying “that’s good look,” some saying, “that looks terrible,” and others saying “let’s just go back to the late 90s.”

This week is different. It’s Thursday afternoon and we still don’t know what uniform combo SU will don when they take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at MetLife Stadium on Saturday.

Now, this could just be because of issues we don’t know about. Maybe there was a miscommunication between the schools that needs to be fixed. Maybe something got changed at the last minute. Maybe they just forgot to bring uniforms.

Or maybe....something really bad is about to happen.

As Nate Mink reminded us today, the last time the Orange wore #AllPlatinumEverything was also the last time they played Notre Dame at MetLife Stadium in 2014. The presumption since then is that SU’s higher-ups seemed to have decided we’ll never make that mistake again.’re worried right now, aren’t you?

As Mink explains, some of the players like the look and wouldn’t mind wearing it once again. It’s still technically in the rotation and one of the mannequins in the lobby of the team's football building dons the look. In other words, the school is still considering it a potential uniform option at all times.

Wide receiver Alvin Cornelius was a big fan of the uniform when the team wore it ("it just gives us a little more swag”) and he seems to think that many of the new Orange players want their own chance to model the gray wears.

"There are some dudes who do like it on the team, but there are some guys who haven't really had the chance to wear them. They'll come into the facility all the time and see the jersey still here and be like, 'Oh, when are we going to get to wear those?'

Based on comments like that and from other players, it does sound like there is interest from the players to put on the platinum at least one more time. If it’s gonna happen, this weekend probably makes sense. SU Athletics (I think) is smart enough not to trot them out in front of the CNY die-hards back in the Dome, so in a way ending that tradition as you end the MetLife tradition might have some poetic symmetry.

One more #BRAND experience for the road.