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Syracuse 1959 football national championship ring up for auction


Whenever you discuss the Syracuse Orangemen’s 1959 football national championship, you probably use the term “we.” “We” won. “We” beat Texas in the Cotton Bowl, etc.

Well now that “we” could at least FEEL a little more honest... even if you weren’t even born when that season occurred.

Over at, they’ll be auctioning one of the actual SU championship rings from 1959. This one, awarded to Gene Grabosky, goes up for sale at noon ET on October 28. Grabosky, for those that need a refresher, was a defensive tackle for the Orangemen and a senior on that squad. He was a local product (Liverpool, N.Y.) and played one season with the AFL’s Buffalo Bills as well. He passed away in 2001. The reserve on this auction is $750. Without being much of an auctioneer myself, I could see this going for somewhere in the vicinity of $4,444.44.

The ring has everything you need — “NATIONAL CHAMPIONS” notation, Syracuse Orangemen inclusion, an some Cotton Bowl stuff too. It also has everything Gene would’ve needed, like his name included.

I’m sure someone here has enough interest to be the auction winner, so good luck to anyone (everyone) who bids. We’d love to chat afterward if the winner happens to be a reader, now that you’d be a true part of the ‘59 team.