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Should this Syracuse fan skip her brother's wedding for an SU football game?

A die-hard Syracuse Orange fan is facing a fraternal conundrum on a Fall saturday coming soon.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

I was minding my own business Thursday afternoon on Twitter Dot Com when this suddenly appeared in my feed.

In case you can't read it, it goes...

Our whole family consists of diehard SU fans. We have stuck through the football seasons good and bad, with season tickets. Most of us haven't missed a home game in years. Well, my brother is getting married this Fall and because he's a wimp, he let his bride-to-be choose the wedding date that is falling on a HUGE SU Home Game day! I think this is just selfish. She should at least have the decency to get married on Friday night if she wants that weekend. The family is not happy about it. But I'm thinking about sitting it out just to prove a point that he's got to have some say in these decisions, or this won't be his last wedding, if you know where I'm going with this. Don't you think I should take this as a personal affront that she is not taking HIS family into account?

Now, far be it from us to tell Ted & Amy what to tell this Syracuse Orange fan, but that's exactly what we're going to do. So, TNIAAM crew, what should Bleeding Orange in Baldwinsville do here?

Andy Pregler

Here's what you do: Kneel during the ceremony. Apparently, this is a kind of protest that gets maximum DISRESPCK with minimal effort by you. You'll still be able to retain your job and watch the game on your phone while showing everyone how much you disrespect what is happening around you. This method has been proven to be INCREDIBLY effective.

Invisible Swordsman

Dear Bleeding Orange, I can feel your pain.

Without question, it is highly insensitive for anyone to ask an SU football fan to give up a home game, particularly during a new and exciting era for our program. It's also not ideal to be in a situation where your sister-in-law is clearly getting off on the wrong foot with your family. In time, she'll see the error of her ways and make sure to have the baby shower, the baby, their 25th anniversary celebration, and high school graduations for your nieces and nephews on Fridays or Sundays to make up for this horrible breach of etiquette.

But in the meantime, please don't be too hard on your brother. He's been through a lot in his life: having to sit through the Greg Robinson Era, pretty much any contest involving an ACC opponent not named BC or Wake Forest, and The Sound Wave. Rather than sitting this one out, if you really want to prove a point and make sure it hits home with your brother, stay through three-fourths of the ceremony, then inexplicably leave early "to beat traffic". He'll understand the nuance of the protest, you will get a chance to escape to a nearby Starbucks to live stream The 'Cuse YET AGAIN on ESPN3, and his new bride will receive an early education on one of the great traditions of SU football fandom! Win, win, win! God Bless, Mazel Tov, and Go Orange!

John Cassillo

Dear concerned: While I agree, it's better for everyone that you just don't get married during fall Saturdays (there are other seasons, after all...), getting married on a Friday night does seem a bit farfetched. Also, have you heard of televisions, tablets or web-enabled phones? All of these devices are pretty standard in today's society and all can help solve your issue without missing your brother's wedding.

There are times to tell your brother he's making a mistake. And there are others where you should be supportive. I'd say this is the latter situation, despite your long-standing history of going to games. We know SU football has been around a long time. They'll still be there when you get back.

Perhaps there's a compromise involving streaming the game, or having a TV on during reception? Marriage is a compromise, for both the two people getting hitched, and their families. Why not start these things out on the right foot? You don't want her and your brother to still hate you in 10 years because you missed their wedding to watch a garbage team like NC State at the Dome. It sounds like a brilliant idea now. But you'll regret it soon enough.

Dino Babers will forgive you. And he thanks you for your continued support.

Kevin Wall

At this point the damage is done and sitting out the wedding isn't going to help matters. The brother needs to recognize that he should have tried to make alternate arrangements, but I hate to say that football games are going to be available a lot more than a wedding. Now, if he was getting married during the NCAA XC/FH Championship weekend, I'd say skip that wedding and find a new family.

Sean Keeley

First of all, if you were Demetris Nichols this wouldn't even be a question. Second of all, this is somewhat my fault for not continuing my Syracuse Fan's Guide to Scheduling Your Fall Wedding series.

Honestly, I'm torn. The rational human being in me wants to say you're a crazy person, who gives a shit about a football game, your brother is getting married, and how he chooses to do that is absolutely fine. If he decided he wanted to get married on a barge in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no one but himself, his bride, a rabbi, and Mookie Blaylock, that's his right.

Then again, the Syracuse fan in me want to say that sometimes lessons need to be learned in order to make them stick.

Ultimatetly, I'm going to side with the brother on this one cause IT'S HIS F***ING WEDDING WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH YOU? But if he gets married again in the future, he's on his own. You only get this kind of pass once.