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Former Orange Naesean Howard arrested for trespassing on SU campus

The former SU player who allegedly stabbed two current players told a judge Wednesday morning that he needed to be in jail. Then he was arrested for trespassing on SU's campus that afternoon.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Naesean Howard, the former Syracuse Orange football player who allegedly stabbed redshirt junior safety Chauncey Scissum and junior cornerback Corey Winfield during the off-season, was back in court Wednesday morning. He used that time to plead with County Judge Anthony Aloi that he be put in jail because otherwise he would "mix it up" to make sure that he ended up there.

In this instance, Howard was a man of his word because, per, he was arrested Wednesday afternoon for trespassing on Syracuse's campus.

Howard, 20, was arrested by Syracuse University's public safety department Wednesday afternoon for trespassing on campus, according to police. Howard was listed as inmate at the justice center late Wednesday night, according to its database.

Aloi had issued a protective order for Scissum and Winfield during that Wednesday morning meeting, citing that Howard was known to be spotted near the Manley Field House facility. It's unclear if the arrest came from Howard's appearance there or someplace else on the campus.

Howard told the judge that he had checked himself into St. Joseph's Hospital's Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program but he wasn't admitted after it was determined he wasn't a threat to himself or others. No word yet on if that changes due to the latest news.

Hopefully, Howard gets the help he so desperately needs and no one else gets hurt or feels threatened in the meantime.