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Syracuse football will wear first-time uniform combination vs. UConn

Surprised we haven’t seen this combination before now...

The Syracuse Orange, as they do each Wednesday, have announced which uniform set they’ll wear during this weekend’s game. For the second time this year, it’s a new combination for the team:

SU will wear white helmets, white jerseys and orange pants when they head down to PAWS ARF to face the Connecticut Huskies on Saturday. While Syracuse has worn the white helmets and jerseys before, they’ve never worn them with orange pants. Fans (including this one) have definitely liked the white uniform elements of the set since they were introduced back in 2014. Adding the orange pants here actually breaks up a bit of the Storm Trooper look of the all-whites too.

No word on what UConn’s wearing yet. Assume their typical home blues unless we’re told otherwise.


For those (other than myself) that care about these things, Syracuse is 2-3 to-date in the white helmets. They’re 2-7 in the white jerseys, and 4-7 in orange pants. As mentioned, this is the first time they’ll sport this combo, but perhaps not the last. Dino Babers has already shown a desire to keep orange as part of the look in every jersey set so far, and that doesn’t seem likely to stop now. If SU wins on Saturday, this would be join the blue/orange/blue look also introduced this year as the only uniform combos with a winning record since 2014.