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Okay, Syracuse really needs to beat UConn now

Shit just got real

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange fans are looking across at UConn and saying to themselves, “We should win this game.”

Connecticut Huskies fans are looking across at SU and saying to themselves, “We should win this game.”

There’s only one way for this to turn out (unless you’re a coward like Pat Dye).

So sure are both sides that even we SB Nation bloggers feel committed to the notion that our team is better than their team. And for some reason, we decided to put our e-money where our e-mouths are.

Finally, Syracuse vs. UConn has some stakes.

So, let’s not worry about what could happen in the unlikely event that the team that barely beat Maine beats us. Let’s instead start thinking about the kind of sentences we want The UConn Blog’s manager to say on video to be recorded forevermore.

Share your thoughts in the comments and perhaps we’ll end up using them after Syracuse wins.




Please win, Syracuse.