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But what if Syracuse modeled it’s football uniforms on the marching band’s?

Why? Because you like looking at weird uniforms

One of the staples of the run-up to the start of college football these days is the wacky uniform creations. Recently we saw what would happen if bitter rivals traded color schemes, which is something we’ve seen before. If you want to get noticed in the wacky uniform game, you need to come up with something new, something fresh.

I’d say creating college football uniforms based on their marching band uniforms will do the trick.

We can thank, obviously, for these football uniforms taken straight from the marching bands that support the team.

That is...something. Am I crazy in thinking it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen? I’ve seen plenty worse ACTUAL Syracuse uniforms. Sure you’re missing some fairly important things, like a uniform number, but the color scheme pops and I’m a sucker for the Block S on the front of the helmet. We should totally do that.

I’m also convinced football players would love to wear sashes, so this fits.

The other ACC concoctions they came up with are certainly a mixed bag but it’s the Clemson uniform that stands out the most for ruining eyeballs everywhere.

So that’s why orange and purple are a terrible match...

Go check out the rest of the ACC kits as well as ones for the other major conferences. It’s like a Create-A-Team fever dream. Take Texas A&M’s uniform, which is what Army wears proudly in an alternate universe.