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Syracuse drops to 13th in ESPN’s ACC power rankings

Not last, so sort of works, I guess?

South Florida v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Our weekly check-in with the ESPN ACC Blog power rankings showed the Syracuse Orange tied for 12th with NC State last week. After a week of losing around most of the bottom third of their poll, SU drops down to 13th this week.

Said the blog:

“The Orange tied an ACC record by running 105 plays, but they were run off the field 45-20 by South Florida after jumping to an early 17-0 lead. The secondary is depleted, and the defense will need to try to gain some confidence next week at UConn.”

Virginia, 0-3 after a three-point loss to UConn on Saturday, is the only team listed below the Orange right now.

In most ways, that makes sense. UVa’s obviously worse and not getting much better this year (they could very well lose every game). Boston College is listed directly above SU at 12th following their own 49-0 defeat at the hands of Virginia Tech. The Eagles’ only card over the Orange right now is that BC possesses an FBS win (UMass) and so far, ‘Cuse doesn’t. Beyond that, is there any doubt that Syracuse is still probably the team in better shape through three games?

The typical names inhabit the rest of the bottom half or so of the poll. Wake Forest, now 3-0, sits in ninth, followed by Duke (10th) and NC State (11th). No major qualms with any of that. As mentioned about BC, these teams possess FBS wins and Syracuse does not.

As echoed each week, these rankings only matter in the sense that we can use them to gauge conversations and perceptions around the Orange. Despite the favorable opinions of the new offense, outsiders are waiting until a meaningful win or two in order to truly buy in. ‘Tis their (and our, if we so choose) freedom.


Unless I’m missing something in terms of reasons for complaint, that’s pretty much it. Win and you rise. Lose and you stand pat or fall. Syracuse’s fate in the largely meaningless conference power rankings depends on results against the Huskies on Saturday.

Still have issues? Feel free to voice them below.