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A critical analysis of USF’s video presentation to the Big 12

USF has made their pitch to the Big 12. Let’s check it out.

While this weekend’s game between the Syracuse Orange and USF Bulls is what’s important in the short-term, South Florida currently finds itself in the midst of a bigger push. The school is one of a dozen that’s trying to make their pitch to the Big 12 as to why they should become the conference’s 11th or 12th member.

The school’s football resurgence couldn’t have come at a better time but they’re going to need to do more than just prove they can hang on the field. They have to prove with Tampa and their fanbase are worth taking a risk on. So, they made a video to prove it.

Let’s watch and then analyze.

Right off the bat, big mistake by showing the toxic waste leak that’s seeped into the local river.

"You want white people, Big 12? We got’m."

Here’s a bunch of USF bigwigs and their mascot shoveling dirt onto their logo cause it’s terrible and they’re trying to cover it up. Again, not a smart inclusion up front.

Obvious fire hazard. Jesus, USF, get your shit together.

Oh Tom, I’m not even gonna go there. I’m sure you’ve been through enough already in your life. I’m just sorry.

USF: "We’re Up There"


"They paid me this much to appear in this."

"You should let us join the Big 12 cause we’re like Texas but we don’t have our shit together so we won’t bother them."

USF brings with it an international audience as evident by their bowl appearances.

"Does BYU have these? We don’t think so. Probably against their honor code."

This is like a scene from a Black Mirror episode before everything goes bad.

USF Fans: They’re Just Like Us. They drink beer and eat Doritos, too!

Case closed, Big 12. There’s no way Cincinnati tops this. All they’ve got is chili and Andy Dalton.