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Syracuse vs. USF: Orange go with traditional uniform look

It’s that old familiar look for the Orange this weekend

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SU Athletics

Syracuse Athletics pulled out all the stops with an Orange Out last week and, well, you didn’t seem to bite. So, no need to get crazy, let’s just put on some decent uniforms looks, right? That’s what they’re thinking this week as the Syracuse Orange will wear the traditional orange helmet/blue jersey/orange pants look versus the South Florida Bulls.

The look also makes sense since it’s Homecoming Orange Central and what better way to work in a tradition?

It’s the third different look for SU in three games so far this season. For Colgate, the Orange went with the blue helmet/orange jersey/blue pants look while Louisville got All Orange Everything. If SU can find a way to win on Saturday, we might just have to keep wearing this all season long. Even on road games.

The good(ish) news about this jersey is that you can actually purchase it if you want to. As for the orange one, well, you’re just gonna have to complain to Nike about that one.