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Let’s take a look at Syracuse graduate transfer John Gillon’s gametape

See the graduate transfer’s highlight tape from Colorado State

Colorado State v San Diego State Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

With graduate transfer John Gillon playing his last two seasons in the Mountain West, most Syracuse Orange fans haven’t seen much of his game. He’s noted as quick point guard with an ability to pass and shoot from deep but he does much more than that on the court.

Gillon shot a modest 33 percent from deep last season, but he’s a better shooter than his percentage would suggest. He has good form on his shot and gets good rotation on his release. He’s also not bashful to let it fly from deep as he took 180 threes last season.

Where Gillon is most dangerous is in transition. He’s comfortable pulling up from deep on the break — which isn’t an easy shot — and can take the ball to the rim just as well. He has a great feel for the game and finds teammates with ease. Gillon is an astute passer, often finding guys creatively off the bounce for dunks at the rim.

Gillon is also lethal in ball screen scenarios. If you switch, he’s going by the big man off the bounce. If you go under, he’s pulling from deep. If you bring two, he’s finding his teammate on the roll and if two sag he’s taking the mid-range jumper. He makes excellent reads in the pick and roll, which is requisite for a point guard.

Is anyone else salivating at the idea of Gillon in the screen and roll with Tyler Roberson while having Tyler Lydon and Andrew White on opposite wings? Syracuse is going to be tough to guard with that offensive lineup in the game. See his highlights below.